Charitable Auction

Santa Fe artists, healers, humanitarians and long time residents are organizing a National Charitable Auction to raise funds for the Crystal Earth Pavilion project.

Welcome Artists, Humanitarians, Donors & Sponsors:

Thank you for considering ways to support the Crystal Earth Pavilion and participation in its Charity Benefit Auction. Every contribution can make a difference, as together we help heal our global community in a unique and lasting way.

You can participate as a donor, sponsor or by spreading the word:

  • Donations – art, services, and more
  • Sponsorship
  • Endorsement
  • Share the project
  • Cash donations

Auction for Awakening — Reasons to Donate:

red-checkMeaningfully support the healing and awakening of humanity

red-checkHelp create a living landmark of local and global significance

red-checkExposure to new patrons and buyers from aligned demographics

red-checkTax-deductible donation to a Santa Fe non-profit organization



Auction Details:

  • Online auction platform with 500,000 buyers
  • Auction site draws primarily conscious, affluent demographic
  • Auction platform will feature donor’s bio and website link


Revenue from your donated items will help:

Purchase the significant crystals to anchor the Pavilion

Cover land, site development & construction costs

Complete ongoing
pre-development work

100% of gift proceeds will be used for project costs

Frequently asked questions:

What kinds of donated items are being accepted for the auction?
Art & Collectibles – including Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, Jewelry. Services for body, mind, and spirit – including Healing & Spa Treatments, Hotel & Travel Packages, Celebrity Meetings & Unique Experiences.

Is there a minimum or maximum value for donated items?
Minimum Value – $200.00. There is no maximum value.

Who determines the value of the donated item?
The donor informs the Crystal Earth Pavilion team of the item’s retail value, and it is sold to the highest bidder.

Where will the bidding start on each item?
Our Auction team will set a Minimum Bidding Price for each donated item.

How will shipping of the items be handled?
The Crystal Earth Pavilion non-profit group is responsible for the donor’s shipping costs if you send your donated item to us. The shipping costs of any items shipped directly from the donor to the highest bidder will be paid by the bidder.