Design and Construction

The first Crystal Earth Pavilion will be constructed in New Mexico and will welcome visitors of all faiths and paths from around the world.

The Design

Temple-subscribeThe Crystal Earth Pavilion will serve as a sanctuary of direct personal experience. The structure will mirror and access multi-dimensional sacred geometries aligned with the Earth’s own multi-layered physiologies and the greater cosmos.

The spherical main room (measuring 36 feet in diameter) will be anchored by a large quartz crystal grounded deep in the Earth and will be crowned by a companion crystal atop the domed building. Private cave-like spaces for personal meditation and experience will encircle the main crystal. Smaller pavilions encircling the main building will likewise afford opportunities for personal immersion in the structure’s amplified new earth frequencies.

Construction and Budget

Temple-1An active search is underway by our teams for the most suitable site and the main crystals for the Santa Fe Crystal Earth Pavilion. Once the site, crystal, needed permits and adequate funding are secured (per the $880,000 budget,) construction can commence.

Your suggestions are welcome concerning prospective location, and private or institutional donors.