Earth Energies and the Santa Fe Area

Desert MoonThe Santa Fe area is considered deeply suitable for the creation of the initial Crystal Earth Pavilion. This will be a building of great significance – both in its own right and as the hub of a constellation of crystalline structures that may ultimately crown our awakening Earth in coming times.

Why now? Mother Earth is a conscious planetary being. In recent decades, many recognize that the Earth has experienced a culmination of her own great awakening: an elevation in cosmic life frequencies unlike any before.

The dramatic increase in our planet’s life-force energy is of vital importance to each human being on Earth. There is an inseparable relationship between the physiology of the Earth and human physiology. In fact, our human bodies are quite literally cells of Mother Earth. For human health and consciousness to realize its full potential, our physiologies must be fully open to, and aligned with, these new Earth frequencies.

Interior-of-PavilionIn creating the Crystal Earth Pavilion, we seek to honor a profound truth — that the primordial, energy of Mother Earth is mankind’s greatest and most fundamental resource.

Why Santa Fe? There are certain places where the healing, enlightening energies of the Earth are most lively. People consider these “places of power” or sacred lands. Northern New Mexico has long been appreciated for the transformational energy inherent in its lands and its rich spiritual history and mythology.

In the vicinity of Santa Fe lie geologic and energetic features linked to other areas of great power in the world. The special Earth energies in the Galisteo basin near Santa Fe are among those ideally suited for the illumination of the first Crystal Earth Pavilion.

This Pavilion will utilize Mahavakya Crystal Technology that is administered by Earth herself rather than by human intelligence. This universal crystalline technology will amplify planetary and cosmic energy so it can be fully metabolized by the human physiology.