Honoring All Spiritual Paths

bigstock-The-sun-on-dramatic-sky-over-s-45683917The Crystal Earth Pavilion will be a destination for direct spiritual experience — rather than a place of organized teaching, worship or particular beliefs.

This all-denominational structure will serve and empower those who are looking for direct experience of their own inner divinity. It will be a place for personal experience of Creator and Creation, whatever one’s religious or spiritual orientation.

At this unique time on Mother Earth, Mother Earth’s enlightening energies are stirring human consciousness and human potentialities in a new and dynamic way. Many people have reached the threshold of their own inner awakening.

bigstock-Interfaith-Religion-7639672Devotees of all religions and spiritual paths are ultimately seeking the simple and established experience of God in their hearts. The Crystal Earth Pavilion can help to facilitate this enlightenment through its timeless Archangelic technology.

For those who are prepared, visiting the energy field of the Crystal Earth Pavilion may help trigger a true and sustained spiritual awakening — a spontaneous shift to a new reality, both subjective and objective.

Enlightened pioneers, already offering service to humanity through their own gifts, are recognizing how their unique voice may join in the cosmic song of the Crystal Earth Pavilion.