The Earth’s Crystal Technology

Big-crystalThe world is seeing the re-introduction of a timeless and universal crystalline technology. This “Mahavakya” technology uses quartz crystals to amplify Earth’s purifying, life-giving energy for humanity’s benefit and blessing.

Mahavakya is a Sanskrit word that translates as “great vibration.” This Mahavakya technology, understood to be of Archangelic origin and design, has been engaged in various forms by enlightened societies outside the scope of mankind’s recorded history. The simple, natural benefits of this cosmic energy science are available to all, regardless of beliefs or rituals.

Mahavakya crystal technology engages and amplifies the healing energies of the Earth. It acts as a tuning fork to align the human physiology with these transformational frequencies. This allows the human body to most fully metabolize the enlightening energies that Mother Earth provides.

Mahavakya crystal technology is not of human invention and is not based on human manipulation or programming. Suitably chosen and connected crystals are administered directly and solely by the divine intelligence of Mother Earth herself. Such powerful, Earth-regulated Mahavakya crystal fields can effectively up-shift humanity’s collective health and awareness.

Nakai-largeThe revival of this great ancient technology was inspired by the visions of Nakai Breen, a well known Cherokee medicine woman with a powerful inner connection to an ancient Vedic Master. She passed this vision on to the founders of our organization, including Matthew Reifslager.

The healing power of crystals has long been recognized. In ancient times and in most indigenous cultures worldwide, they have been considered sacred. Traditionally, crystals been used for protection, spiritual transformation, and integration of body and spirit, as well as for healing. Quartz crystals in particular have long been engaged for their multidimensional capabilities of amplification, memory, and connectivity.

The Crystal Earth Pavilion will engage and amplify the benevolent energies of Mother Earth that are overseeing humanity’s inevitable leap – from limited human experience to true divine identity and cosmic empowerment.